Life art

(traduction of  « L’oeuvre de ma vie » done by myself so sorry if there is some mistakes I’m not bilingual)

I know that the time will walk on my body and put different kinds of marks. Wrinkles, scars and stretch marks gonna be a part of me until one day I become smoke and then really disapear, there will be nobody to even remember me.
But before my body will go though alterations, if I want it or not, nodody can do anything against that. Some scars are already parts of me, each one has its story, on my stomach stretch marks go in every ways just like a drawing of my daughter which would like to say « I was there ». And soon expression wrinkles will adorn my youngful face.

All of this is normal for all of us, the blank canvas that life gave us is going to complete, a lot or a little, fast or quick, everybody knows that. We could think that we can’t do anything against that but in my point of view that’s not totally true.

So no we can’t fight against the effects of times or make our all scars disapear. But we can choose to change more or less our body in a way we like, don’t let the life as the only artist which fill the canvas. To choose to deliberatly change our body due to sport, ink, needle or even scalpel… More or less definive choices which make us a little more master of our look, which have signification that only us understand, a story or which are only meant to be beautiful.
Changes sometimes poorly looked cause not in the society standards. Chosen changes sometimes criticize because they are definive, just like natural changes that happen to our bodies during life. Changes that we think we can judge, on which we think we can give non ask point of view. Changes that are part of us and that we can’t live without or that we regret, they are still witness of what we were.
They have story and as much importance as scars, they’re here and say : I lived, I’m alive, I chose, I was free…


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